Dr. Steven Jacob is excited about introducing you to Acupuncture. For over 4,000 years, this healing therapy has been a key component of Eastern medicine.

At Health Options Center for Wellness, it’s a core treatment for patients who want alternative health strategies. Combined with Herbal Medicine and Bodywork, Acupuncture has played a vital role in helping our patients achieve health, wellness, and whole-body balance.

A Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Jacob is committed to providing Acupuncture treatment that exceeds professional standards and expectations. He is proud of his almost 30 year history as a nationally licensed and certified Acupuncturist.

He earned this prestigious designation through formal education, extensive training, and a commitment to Acupuncture as a healing art.
The national licensing process acknowledges his experience and mastery of Acupuncture and Eastern and Alternative Medicine.

Your Acupuncture Experience

During your initial Acupuncture visit, you’ll notice how much we differ from Western medicine practices. Dr. Jacob wants to understand you and your health concerns so he schedules enough time for an unhurried evaluation.

During your consultation he discusses your medical history, asking questions that are often more detailed and specific than a Western physician. His examination includes respected Eastern and Modern diagnostic traditions that have been in use for thousands of years.

Pulse diagnosis

By pressing your wrist at designated points, Dr. Jacob can feel different qualities that are indicative of areas that are out of balance and need tending to.

Tongue diagnosis

The doctor evaluates your tongue’s body color, body shape, coating, and demarcations. All of these different factors inform Dr. Jacob about how to bring balance to the patient’s body to optimize health.


Hair-Thin Needles

An Acupuncturist uses strategically placed needles to promote healing. If the concept inspires hypodermic needle flashbacks, you should know that it’s not like that at all. An Acupuncturist’s needles are hair-thin, which minimizes the potential for discomfort. For a recognizable context, consider that five to ten Acupuncture needles are fine enough to fit inside a hypodermic needle’s hollow tip.

As Dr. Jacob inserts a needle, he skillfully moves the tip beyond the nerves in the skin’s superficial layer. The needle’s size and location limit its ability to cause painful sensations. When he places a needle into certain body points, you should never experience a sharp painful sensation.

Envisioning the Body as a Black Box

Chinese medicine sees the body as a black box that prevents a practitioner from seeing what’s inside. Once the doctor completes his evaluation, he makes informed assumptions about what’s going on inside the box. He then decides which modalities will promote healing.

Dr. Jacob chooses Acupuncture points according to how they support the body with tonifying, removing, or reducing benefits. Herbal Medicine and Bodywork also play an important role in overall treatment and healing.


Eastern and Alternative Medicine


Acupuncture is a proven choice for those who want an option to Western medicine’s symptom-focused “cures.”

It can play a significant role in helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

Proven Solutions

For thousands of years, Chinese practitioners have used traditional techniques and relied on a holistic approach to health. Dr. Jacob is proud to share these ancient traditions with his Connecticut patients.

We’re Committed to You and Your Health

We never rush our patients through the healing process. During each session, we take the time to listen and evaluate your health concerns.

We Help You Develop a Cost-Effective Treatment Plan

We provide treatment on a self-pay basis an we’ll work with you to develop a cost-effective treatment strategy. If your health insurance carrier provides benefits for alternative medicine, we will submit documentation to assist you with the reimbursement process.

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