Dr. Steven Jacob

Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Steven Jacob has been a Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist for nearly 30 years.  His accreditation is through the NCAA, the National Council for the Accreditation of Acupuncturists.  He holds state Licenses in Connecticut, New York and New Mexico. He earned and maintains this prestigious license through a stringent program of training and clinical compliance. He studied at an accredited school, completed multiple qualifying exams, and is committed to continuing education.

He has extensive manual therapy training with the Center for Integrative Manual Therapy (CIMT) where he was the only acupuncturist in a class of 30 Physical Therapists.  Dr. Jacob has been a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu for 30 years and has studied Cranio-Sacral therapy through The Upledger Institute in addition to his Cranio studies with CIMT.

Dr. Jacob has also been in the Ridhwan School for 17 years.  The Ridhwan School teaches courses of study called The Diamond Approach which is a combination of Eastern theory and practices in combination with Western Psychodynamics.   The teachings, practices and methods of the Diamond Approach orient us toward our in-the-moment experience.  And, it is here, in the immediacy of the moment and in contact with our inner reality, that we discover the doorway to completeness, to our inner essence, and an understanding of the inseparability of our human life and the depths of our spiritual nature.

Education, Hands-On Training, and Experience

Dr. Steven Jacob is passionate about Chinese and Alternative medicine. During his lifelong focus on the mind/body connection to health and wellness, he has maintained a deep appreciation of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and other ancient and western medical perspectives.

When he was a child, he wanted to help people as an orthopedic doctor or an eye surgeon. Over time he grew to recognize western medicine as asymptomatic disease model. He learned how physicians manage symptoms with “cures” that often cause new symptoms. He chose, instead, to focus on Chinese medicine and non-traditional medical techniques.

Dr. Jacob is also a certified craniosacral practitioner, a licensed polarity therapist, and a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. He has studied under highly-trained kinesiologists, osteopaths, and nutritionists. He keeps his skills fresh and relevant, with continuing education.

Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology, University of Maryland

Masters in Chinese Medicine, International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Fe

Trained, Nationally Licensed, and Certified Acupuncturist for 24 Years

Trained at Center for Integrated Manual Therapy for 30 years

Helps His Patients Achieve Balance & Wellness

Dr. Jacob combines his extensive acupuncture training, his vast knowledge of Chinese and Alternative medicine, and his deep enthusiasm to help his patients achieve balance and wellness.

He is intimately familiar with the relief gained through reliance on ancient medical arts. His encounters have allowed him to approach each patient’s journey with a level of empathy gained only through personal first-hand experience.

Dr. Steven Jacob is the rare man of science who also thrives in environments that require technical proficiency, creativity, and athletic skills. He developed math and science acumen early in life. He’s an accomplished musician with a lifelong love of music. His skillful hands promote healing but they also carve beautiful handcrafted wooden bowls. Physical strength and precision gave him an edge in sports and competitive gymnastics and also help him maintain his health.

As a young post-production audio engineer, he perfected sound quality for musicians, recording industry professionals, actors, and moviemakers. He created a healing practice with a New York clientele of athletes and professional musicians. He spent a year touring with a rock band and practicing his healing arts.

Proven Solutions

For thousands of years, Chinese practitioners have used traditional techniques and relied on a holistic approach to health. Dr. Jacob is proud to share these ancient traditions with his Connecticut patients.

We’re Committed to You and Your Health

We never rush our patients through the healing process. During each session, we take the time to listen and evaluate your health concerns.

We Help You Develop a Cost-Effective Treatment Plan

We provide treatment on a self-pay basis an we’ll work with you to develop a cost-effective treatment strategy. If your health insurance carrier provides benefits for alternative medicine, we will submit documentation to assist you with the reimbursement process.

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